Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Where do I find the practice ?

The private practice for physical therapy of Marius Markus is located on the second level of the medical center at the Theaterplatz 1b in the center of Bonn-Bad Godesberg. The entrance can be found between the bakery Lubig and the Pharmacy "Alte Apotheke".

Do you also treat publically insured patients (panel patients)?

Unfortunately we are currently only treating privately insured patients or those willing to pay for our services individually (in cash, by receipt or via bank transfer). Nevertheless we are in the process of applying for becoming a panel practice under the statuory German health insurance scheme.

How long are the treatment sessions?

Every (medical) treatment session takes 30 minutes in our practice. This assures a more intense and effective treatment than in most practices where only 20-minute intervalls are being administered. Any massages by way of a doctors`precription ordinarily take 60 minutes.